What to Look For in a Tech Company


If you want to improve and become a better engineer, you must interview the companies you consider joining. This is to make sure that you are joining a place where you can strive and learn from, as well as be motivated and happy.

What to Search for

These are the things that you should look out for when researching/interviewing at a company. You don’t need to ask everything directly. Try to get a general sense of the company and ask what is most relevant for you.

First Impression

  • What their Product is
  • What the size of the company is, and when it was founded
  • Their tech stack (for software jobs)
  • Their mission and values

Growth Opportunities

  • What you can learn from this experience
  • What paths are available for you within the company

Team Communication & Interaction

  • How frequently the team communicates, by which means, and how easy it is to reach out to a colleague
  • If people work alone, do pair programming, and if there is a good mix of seniority inside the teams. (for software jobs)

Work Culture

  • What expectations do they have of their employees
  • How do they accommodate your work-life balance


  • If they are profitable
  • If they are getting investment
  • What the evaluation is
  • If the company is in the public market

Best Practices

  • If they follow field-tested and widely accepted good practices
  • If they are looking to constantly improve as a company/team

Openness and Transparency

  • If they are open when asked questions during the interviews
  • If they show honesty in the sense that not everything is perfect in their company and that’s ok

Final Thoughts

No company nor employee is perfect, so it is expected that they do not check all the boxes. What is important is that you know what is relevant for yourself and find the company that matches you better. That way, everyone can be happy. The company will get a motivated employee, and you will get a job you enjoy.

What do you look for when interviewing at a company? What is the thing you find of utmost importance to consider joining a new adventure?



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Miguel Saraiva

Miguel Saraiva

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